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Colorado Springs Dog Training by Local Dog Behaviorist Laurie Yakish

Many local dog owners are frustrated with the Colorado Springs dog training available from the big box stores and national franchises that seem to be everywhere these days. That’s why local dog trainer Laurie Yakish provides personalized “Dog Training Laurie’s Way” so that you can make your dog the love of your life.

Colorado Springs Dog Training

Eliminate DogBehavior Issues

Do your dog’s behavior issues have you at the end of your rope? Do you love your dog but are unhappy because the dog is running your life? 

Laurie Provides

Dog Training in Colorado SpringsThat Works


Stop your dog’s aggressive behavior including attacking, lunging, charging at fence, biting, etc.


Your dog will behave on leash, obey sit & stay, stop jumping on people, counters and furniture.


Put an end to your dog’s separation anxiety, chewing on things, destroying the kennel and fear issues.


Laurie fixes behavior issues where they happen: home, walks, vet, car, groomer, cats, Grandma’s house.

Our Experience

Unique Trainingfor Your Dog

When you work with Laurie, you can expect a dog trainer who is passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping you and your dog achieve your goals. Whether you’re dealing with dog aggression, obedience issues, socialization challenges, or anxiety, Laurie has the skills and expertise to help you overcome them and is the perfect partner for anyone looking to build a stronger bond with their furry friend.


{Our dog weighs 105 lbs. He's well-behaved and goes pretty much everywhere. He still has his lab enthusiasm, but we play with him several times a day, which he loves. His great behavior is credited to Laurie, which we are very thankful for.
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Ron and Deb, Clients
{I adopted him at 1.5 years and he hadn't been socialized with humans. Within the FIRST session with Laurie, my dog was able to lie down at a coffee shop without growling, barking, or lunging. I was BLOWN AWAY. I learned so much from Laurie, and I'm forever grateful for her!
Ashley G., Client
{We have two 6-month old Labrador puppies that were out of control in the house. They love to play with each other but were starting to knock things over, jump up on people, jump on furniture, and chew everything! The puppy package of 5 sessions did wonders! They are so calm now when they are in the house and know that playtime is outside. One of the things we like best is that Laurie comes to the house to train them in their own atmosphere.
Laurie - building a strong relationship with your dog through play
Dan R., Client
{Our daughter found Laurie's website, and we made an appointment. Ms. Laurie is an angel in disguise. By teaching us how to handle his behaviors, we now have a completely new well-behaved, wonderful dog. Thanks to Ms. Laurie, we will be grateful forever.
Lourdes S., Client
{Macy was dog aggressive and horrible to walk if there were other dogs around. In a two-hour session, we learned the basics of redirection and confidence. Laurie left us with homework that we were fully capable of doing on our own. In our second session, Laurie brought her own dog to practice close-proximity walking. Now we are able to walk past other dogs without Macy flailing, whimpering, or charging!
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Michelle R., Client
{Our Angus is a one-year-old Bernese Mountain dog and was totally out of control. Laurie gave us a lot of help and tools we could use to make him manageable. She is very accommodating to work with and available for questions and help. I am so grateful for her assistance because I don't think we could have kept him, especially since he is so strong and powerful. I would recommend her highly and would use her again.
Maureen M., Client
{We had two puppies less than a year old and only six weeks apart. Laurie was willing to work with both puppies at the same time.  Laurie quickly got them to be obedient to commands and to "make better life choices." She worked with them on leash skills, answering the door in a calm manner, obeying commands and keeping them away from out-of-bounds areas within the house. She was calm yet firm, and we would highly recommend her for any dog training needs - even multiple puppy households!
Tony H,. Client
{We adopted a pit mix and put him through obedience training with a different company in town. He was the most obedient "aggressive" dog on the planet. After several biting incidents, we reached out to 8 trainers - every one of them advised he was a dangerous animal. I came across Laurie's website and everything changed. She came and spent three hours in our home the same day. She watched him, assessed him, and really came to understand him. She showed us how to effectively and very easily MODIFY his behavior.
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Angie C., Client
{We have a very hyper, stubborn, smart Canaan / Lab puppy. We adopted our dog. Laurie pointed out that due to his scary start, we needed to concentrate on the positive and build his esteem. Our dog is happier now and so am I! Laurie is a loving, caring person who gave us so much good advice. I would highly recommend Laurie to anyone.
dog training for aggressive behavior in colorado springs
Theresa H., Client
{My dog had become aggressive to other people and dogs, she would run away from me. After 2 hours of working with Laurie, I saw a great improvement. Laurie was a godsend. She is totally awesome because she understands dogs and their problems, and humans, too. My puppy is a totally different dog. Thank you Laurie!
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Susan O., Client

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