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“Rudy seems to have a new BFF in Phil! He goes over to Phil now to get petted. I would say we are at 100%! Hard to believe after all that former ugly dog behavior. We both want to thank you for this. It was your expertise that has made this possible.  With many thanks!” - Gay and Phil

Michael Rogers,

"Yes, I can do dog training next week. But, guess what? Yesterday I walked Capone from our house to our veterinarian (Flintridge and Academy) to get his nails trimmed. I had to correct him only once on the way as a Jack Russell approached us (but only his hackles went up and he started to whine - no ballistic reaction or anything). Then we walked into the vet office with a Labrador Retriever and a cat in there and Capone was just perfect - no problem at all. Kept treating him and praising him as the lab technician was walking around, etc. and he was totally relaxed and wagging his tail. The whole way home he was perfect, too. So congrats on our success!" - Kim

Michael Rogers, Online Content Manager

“To take a completely out of control 3 year old dog and start her well on the road to becoming a service dog in 6 months is incredible!!  We tried for about 1.5 years and 4 other trainers before finding you! None of them really knew how to solve the problem of Daizy's dog aggression, people aggression ‘independence’ and lack of recall.  They all said ‘some dogs are just too far gone’ or ‘I'm just not a good leader’ or ‘you will always need to keep a prong collar on her to keep her in control.’Laurie, you've proved them all wrong and I'm a proud owner of a beautiful well trained dog...  Technically we can no longer call her "Crazy" Daizy anymore!  Thank you!!!” - Deana P.

Michael Rogers, Online Content Manager

“I would like to tell you about my wonderful experience with Laurie Yakish...  We have a very hyper, stubborn, smart, Canaan / Lab puppy named Panther, which also describes my son Colton.  Panther and Colton love each other but were always irritating each other.We adopted panther... Laurie pointed out that due to his scary start...  we needed to concentrate on the positive and build his esteem...  Laurie also taught Colton and Panther games to play together that are constructive...  Panther is happier now and so am I!Laurie is a loving, caring person who gave us so much good advice.  She also has a lot of compassion and understanding about the family dynamics with our special needs son.  I would highly recommend Laurie to anyone." - Theresa H.

Michael W. Rogers, Online Content Manager

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