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Category Archives: Dog Health

5 Simple Ways to Help Your Dog Be Happy and Healthy

Your Dog's Health and Happiness Is All Up to You Most dog owners don’t realize that the best and most important ways there are to help their dog live a long and healthy life are completely under their control.  They are simple and inexpensive and pay off big dividends in the long haul.  They can…
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Adopting a Puppy: How to Save Time, Money and Heartbreak

This informative article is about the proper way to go about adopting a puppy when considering a forever family member selection that meshes with your family's lifestyle and the added benefit of dog training in the beginning that creates a safe and happy home. Image of a happy, well-adjusted family with a properly chosen and adopting a…
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Dog Health: How to take your dog from frantic to fabulous now

Obesity isn’t just for humans.  It's for Dog Health as well. A portly puggle before his makeover. Peter and His Portly Puggle The following case study is a specific focus on the importance of dog health.  Peter is a techie who works from home.  He lives with his three year old puggle named Tank.  A…
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