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Category Archives: Dog Behavior

Dog Behavior Training: How to Hire the Best Trainer for Your Dog

What is Behavior Modification in terms of Dog Behavior Training? What is dog behavior modification (or dog behavior training if you prefer)?  It is dog training plain and simple.  You are teaching the dog what to do and what not to do.  This is different from obedience training which teaches a dog specific behaviors in…
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Adopting a Puppy: How to Save Time, Money and Heartbreak

This informative article is about the proper way to go about adopting a puppy when considering a forever family member selection that meshes with your family's lifestyle and the added benefit of dog training in the beginning that creates a safe and happy home. Image of a happy, well-adjusted family with a properly chosen and adopting a…
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How to Stop the Mealtime Madness Right Now

The Martin Family and Mealtime Madness A story about going from aggressive dog behavior to perfect dog mealtime manners with proper training. Evie and Frank Martin lived in a large home with a huge back yard which they shared with their three children and four dogs.  Things were pretty lively at the Martin household but…
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