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How to Cure Your Trigger-Happy Dog of Leash Aggression

How to Cure Your Trigger-Happy Dog of Leash Aggression   I would bet that well over half of my clients call me because walking their dog has become a nightmare.   The biggest reason is usually leash aggression.  Leash aggression, for those not familiar with the term, is when a dog on a leash sees another…
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5 Simple Ways to Help Your Dog Be Happy and Healthy

Your Dog's Health and Happiness Is All Up to You Most dog owners don’t realize that the best and most important ways there are to help their dog live a long and healthy life are completely under their control.  They are simple and inexpensive and pay off big dividends in the long haul.  They can…
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How to adopt a puppy – the best puppy you’ll ever love!

Temperament Testing: How much can it really tell you? Your kids have been hounding you for a year to get a new puppy, ever since their cousin got a new beagle puppy.  So, being a wise parent you decided to make a deal with your kids.  If they could keep their rooms clean for a…
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Dog Behavior Training: How to Hire the Best Trainer for Your Dog

What is Behavior Modification in terms of Dog Behavior Training? What is dog behavior modification (or dog behavior training if you prefer)?  It is dog training plain and simple.  You are teaching the dog what to do and what not to do.  This is different from obedience training which teaches a dog specific behaviors in…
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