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How to Stop the Mealtime Madness Right Now

The Martin Family and Mealtime Madness A story about going from aggressive dog behavior to perfect dog mealtime manners with proper training. Evie and Frank Martin lived in a large home with a huge back yard which they shared with their three children and four dogs.  Things were pretty lively at the Martin household but…
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Dog Health: How to take your dog from frantic to fabulous now

Obesity isn’t just for humans.  It's for Dog Health as well. A portly puggle before his makeover. Peter and His Portly Puggle The following case study is a specific focus on the importance of dog health.  Peter is a techie who works from home.  He lives with his three year old puggle named Tank.  A…
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Dog Training: How to Stop Your Terrier Terrorist Now

This is a case study and story about two rowdy dogs and how in-home dog training saved the dogs with their forever family.  Expert dog trainer and dog behaviorist Laurie Yakish explains. Kristy and the Jack Russell Terrorists But they were sooo cute…Kristy is a first grade teacher and the mother of two grown children who…
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Quick and Simple One Week Indoor Potty Training Secrets

Great! You have a dog that lives indoors most of the time.  Now what? So, you found the most perfect little puppy Toy Poodle or Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) and he’s just so gosh darn cute that you can hardly stand it.  Life is absolutely wonderful, right?  Ha ha ha!  It doesn’t take you very long…
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